My Fashion Label - Cover

My Fashion Label – Cover

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My Fashion Label is a great book for young people who are into fashion, if you are a sporty, outdoorsy, tomboy or a pretty, perf girl, you will love this book hugely. At the end of every section there is a sketchbook for you to draw and design in, and at the end space for designing your own collection!

My Fashion Label - Collection

        My Fashion Label – Moodboard

This book will take you step-by-step through every stage, from thinking of your very first idea to adding the final accessory to your collection. This book tells you how to collect and group ideas, what colours you should put in and how to draw some accessories.

My Fashion Label - Drawing

My Fashion Label – Drawing

Find out more about this book on the Ivy Press website, and more about the author Wendy Ward on her website.
It is available in stores or online for £7.99.